Sarah Wong
Hybrid Text
Hybrid Text is the result of my B.Des thesis work. This project explores the theme of hybrids when shaping a contemporary design practice by exploring the combination of varying material, graphic form, and media in the design process and end result.

Date: September 2019 - April 2020
Role: Designer

Special thanks to my thesis advisor, Jamie, for his support throughout this project!

The term hybrid is commonly used to describe specific combinations of plants or animals. If we take the simple definition for the term, we can find examples of mixtures in our everyday life.

If we apply this idea of combination to the field of design, this is often met with resistance as design is often seen through one narrow definition – a set of rules of what design can and cannot be, and expectations for how design should function in the real world.

My research questions explore how designers can embrace a mutable process and the idea of change in the end product.

Final Product
Hybrid Text is a dynamic canvas powered by a series of hand-woven tapestries that accompany and control the colour state of the graphics based on touch.

The final product explores the duality between digital and textile design through one unifed output. The textiles act as a hybrid between tactile and digital interactions.

︎︎︎ Set of hand-woven tapestries that are connected by a Raspberry Pi to control the input of the site.