Sarah Wong

Visual Identity & Strategy
Anna Bacani
Sarah Manyoki
Ian Orden
Leah Wei
& Myself

Content Strategy
Anna Bacani
Carter Pang
Renee Yeung
& Myself

Presentation Visuals
Anna Bacani
& Myself

YSDN 2020

2020 marks a new decade and the celebration for the York University and Sheridan College (YSDN) graduating Class of 2020.

Our team of 5 ideated and created the initial visual direction, brand voice, and story behind 2020. After pitching our concept to the graduating class, it was selected to move forward as the brand for our grad show.

Here's to new beginnings as we embark as fresh graduates and new designers.

Identity System

Our identity is built off of our logomark and two primary typefaces, utilizing the unique characteristics of Parabole and recognition of Helvetica. The type pairing is a salute to our foundations in graphic design, mixed with the experimentation needed for the future.

The mark is flexible in its application, as it can be cropped or duplicated to create a fresh palette of patterns and textures.

Brand Story

YSDN 2020 champions the graduates by sharing the class’s stories and projects in a positive and celebratory tone.

Working alongside Carter and Anna, we translated our brand voice and story into a strategy guide outlining ways content teams could expand our brand into different printed, digital, and social outputs.

Connecting With Our Audiences

Using the content strategy, Anna and I created some potential concepts for social media that would provide a deeper look into the graduates. Some highlights include Instagram Stories sharing profiles on the graduates and sharing ideas around relevant design topics.

Sharing Student Work

Our brand prioritizes highlighting student work. When placed against the black and white background, our brand becomes a canvas allowing the colours from the work to stand out.

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