Sarah Wong
2020 marks the start of a new decade and the celebration for the York University/Sheridan College (YSDN) graduating Class of 2020.

Working in a small team within the brand team, we ideated and created the initial visual direction and story behind our grad show, 2020. After pitching our concept to the graduating class, it was selected to move forward as the brand for our grad show. The brand then evolved through a joint effort of the whole graduating class. Here's to new beginnings as we embark as fresh graduates and new designers 🎉

Date: 2019-2020
Type: Branding & Strategy
Credit: Anna Bacani, Sarah Manyoki, Ian Orden, Leah Wei, Sarah Wong
Presentation Images: Anna Bacani, Sarah Wong

Our identity is built off of our logomark and two primary typefaces, Parabole and Helvetica Neue. The use of Helvetica is a salute to our foundations in graphic design. Parabole is a nod to the experimental side of design and the future that lies ahead.

The logomark and type paring is flexible in its application, as it can be cropped or duplicated to create a fresh palette of patterns and textures.

YSDN 2020 champions the graduates by sharing the class’s stories and projects in a positive and celebratory tone. Our brand and content stategy outlines three key points that content teams used to expand our brand across different printed, digital, and social outputs.

Our brand prioritizes highlighting student work. When placed against the black and white background, our brand becomes a canvas allowing the colours from the work to stand out.